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I did w5r3 yesterday morning. By 8pm last night I was ill. Not the celebration I had planned!

I had a headache & felt sick.

I still feel sick today but haven't actually been sick. Frustrating as I think being sick would help take the queasiness away.

The thing I am most upset about is that I had w6r1 scheduled for tomorrow morning & I don't think I'm going to be well enough. I was really looking forward to it.

I am frustrated as I want to get out there. Best laid plans & all that.

Feeling very sorry for myself on the Sickness Couch.

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Awww poor old you! Hope you feel better soon. Make sure you're close to 100% before doing that next run, as you don't want to get disappointed by a poorer than usual performance! hat run isn't going anywhere - let it wait a day or two if needs be.


Sounds like you've got the bug I've heard people talking about recently, feeling nauseas but not actually being sick.

Fingers crossed it passes quickly and you can continue your journey.

I've just completed week 5 too so I can understand your eagerness to get on with week 6.

Good luck x


Go to bed early, get a good night's sleep and hopefully you will feel ticketty-boo in the morning.


I wouldn't worry Mancs, I did the last day of week 6 run 3 on Friday, I'm not planning on starting week 7 till Tuesday. Just try a walk instead.


Oh poodle that's bad luck :( but if I've learned one thing about's best laid plans get scuppered by real life and we have to have a little word with ourselves sometimes! Only you know how well you feel and running will always be there :)


it's actually a good idea for an extra day or two of rest. w6r1 is back to intervals and it will be tough after the euphoria of w5r3.

hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy your next run when you are ready.


Aw poor you xxx Take it easy Poodle, coupla extra rest days wont do any harm at all .

Week 6 is a bit of a tricky one so you need to be in full fettle :-)

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Poor you. But well done on completely week 5 day 3.

I have failed in my runs this week - my back has been really aching so I only did week 6, day 1 (which incidentally I found really, really hard).

I decided rather than beat myself up about it I'd just have a few days off from running so I have walked instead and am fully intending on going back to week 6, day 1 tomorrow and starting that week again.

I've missed the running. My back really is no better (its agony when I get up in the morning but has eased by around lunchtime - which does mean no morning runs for me) so I have decided that although running may have caused it (or it may not - it could have been digging the potato bed at the allotment) it isn't making it any worse (as it hasn't been any better in the week that I haven't run) I will just pick my time (after lunch) and go run again.


Feel better soon! Be kind to yourself, week 6 will be there for you when you feel better :)


Thank you everyone. I'm still feeling ropey so am off for an early night. Will see how I feel tomorrow but think it'll be a few days before I run.


Hi MancP, I was feeling unwell saturday when I was due to do my Wk6 R3 which I was apprehensive about. Anyway long story short I was so lethargic I struggled with the warm up and 6 mins run. My advice would be wait until you feel well enough. It left me feeling demoralised but that evening I was really sick, so think my body just wasn't up to it. So I'm gonna attempt it again today as feel a bit better. I hope you're feeling better, chin up and good luck with week 6. Well done on your 20min run as well, just catching up with my emails :-)


Hi Julia,

still feeling a bit under par today so probably not going to run until Weds. Hope you're feeling better today and tha tyour run goes well. :)


I hope you feel better soon. Because I was away weekend suspect I may have had touch of food poisoning as kids were fine and didn't have the eggs for breakfast :-( Thank you, just need to get the motivation as was gutted with my performance Saturday.


Ummm, that is interesting, that is exactly how I feel too. I've felt like that for the last few days. Strangely I feel OK when running, but nausious and a little headachy the rest of the time, particularly first thing n the morning.

Pleased to read that I'm not the only one which suggests that it's some kind of bug :)


yes it's definitely a bug. One of my friends, who I was with on Friday eve, was down with the same bug over the weekend :(

Hope you're feeling better soon.

I'm probably not going to run now until Weds to give me chance to get over it fully :)


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