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Week 5 run 2 completed and it was TOUGH. The first run was fine, the second one was not. I've never been more relieved to hear "60 seconds left" and to be honest I wasn't even sure I'd make it through the last minute...

I have no confidence at all that I'll be able to run for a solid 20 minutes the day after tomorrow and it's left me feeling a bit down.

Although to be honest I've been struggling mentally for the last few days. Work is absolutely dreadful right now - a lot of politics going on as we go through the transition into a new structure. People who've been made redundant are finishing their notice period and leaving.... it is GRIM. What I wouldn't give to be away from it all for a while!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the fact that work has been getting me so down is why I'm struggling with the running.

Will have to buck my ideas up and just give that 20 minutes my best shot.

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OK Lola. Sit yourself down, brush yourself off, and the next run will be fine. Promise. It will get easier. Take an extra day before the next run, or even repeat today's run. Whatever. You can do it. Believe me. Stress is simply taking its inevitable toll on your energy.

Good luck and look forward to reading your positive blog soon, Delia :-)


I've just read your earlier blog, and am not surprised this run was a bummer! Maybe take an extra recovery day before the big run, then take it really really slow and steady, think of it as a treat to yourself to get away from the stresses of work and don't worry at all about how far you go.

We all have bad runs, and they really are very horrible - and mine have all been when overtired and down, when I've not been able to let things go mentally, and they've come with me on the run. Sometimes running is a great release from other stresses and strains, but sometimes all that goes with you, and then it is just grim. But a good run is out there ahead of you, it really is. It might be the next one, it might be a bit further off, but it will be there.

Don't give up - you did actually do that run, even though you thought you couldn't, and if you're kind enough to yourself, you'll do the 20 minute one. :)



Don't be demoralised - you completed the run! We've all had times when we honestly didn't think we'd be able to do it. On my 20min run, the wind was blowing a hooly - (bit like now!) and I just 'knew' there was no way I could run for 20 mins in that. But guess what?! It was tough, especially at the beginning but then it all sort of fell into place and I actually ran 23 minutes!

It's horrible when work is not a nice place to be and things go round and round in your head. If that happens, try mentally shouting at yourself and say that you're not going to listen to it any more, you've had enough, you're sick of thinking about it, and consciously turn your thoughts to something else, preferably something pleasant but even next week's shopping list will do!

It's not a perfect cure, but eventually, hopefully, you'll start to ignore or change the grim thoughts and be able to focus on more positive things, and you'll begin to enjoy your runs again.

And if you should find that you really can't do the 20 minutes, never mind. You know you can do 10 minutes, so if you get to 15 and need to walk a bit, fine, then carry on and do the last 5 mins - it all counts! Think of it as the dress rehearsal!


It's tough with negative stuff going on in your life to be positive on the runs. I know, but the run will give you a great endorphin boost. One of the reasons I started this is to help overcome depression. Your body is ready. Just do as Laura says and take it steady. You will feel wonderful afterwards. Good luck


You can do this! :-) Get some rest and be intentional the day of the run with food/drink. Remember to go slow and just keep placing one foot in front if the other. This can be very challenging, but try to have the confidence to KNOW every run has prepared you for this one. Good luck!!! Gayle


Thank you all! Some fantastic encouragement and words of advice.

I'm feeling more positive today and wish today was a run day. Have also reminded myself that although yesterday was hard going, I did it. And if I don't manage the solid 20 mins the first time, I will the second.


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