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Another Week Down-3

Week 3 is complete.

I really look forward to my end of week blog posts, I think it is a powerful motivator.

This week I started Run 1 a day earlier as I was heading away for a few days. Found it pretty good, think the lesser time made a big difference and I definitely covered a much shorter distance.

Only problem was going on holiday for a few days mucked up my routine and when I got home I really didn't feel like my scheduled run. Woke up next day and said right this has to happen or I'll never complete the program and forced myself out the door. Ended up being my fastest pace so far and I felt like I ran with a bit more rhythm.

Run 3 was about the same although my walks were slower.

All in all a surprisingly good week, didn't feel too challenging..... which scares me, hope I'm not jinxing myself for next week, really seems like things start stepping up.

Oh I also got an armband to hold my phone, once the temperatures started soaring there was no way to carry it! Makes a big difference and a good investment for my running future I think :)

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