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Thank-You Greenlegs and Mitts - W9R2 done - W9R3 here I come!


Back in February I managed to get a knee injury and planned to try to run through it - Thanks to the advice from Greenlegs and Mitts, I stopped trying to force runs and waited, rather impatiently, for the knee to feel better. I then started from week 1 again and flew through - I can't believe I'm actually running for 30 minutes at a time now. Have had a few wobbles - got some running gear but felt like a fraud and didn't pluck up the courage to wear it in public for weeks - Finally, with some encouragement from friends, I started wearing the correct outfit in public. I now even run past the meeting room windows at work to go for my lunchtime run. When I started this programme I didn't plan on ever leaving the safety of the gym! When it rained yesterday I went back to the treadmill and really struggled - With the gym clock in front of me and the treadmill clock just below, every minute lasted a lifetime - I'm definitely an outdoor runner now.

The reason I started running is because I’m still carrying a bit of extra timber following the birth of my son 2 years ago. My brother is getting married in a vineyard in Italy in September and has asked me to be his “Best Man” (yes I am female!). This will involve a very pretty dress and a speech in front of my nearest and dearest so I thought it was about time I got myself into shape - So far I've managed to say goodbye to 1.5 stone so definitely getting there...

This programme is fantastic but the forum compliments it perfectly - I have taken so many tips from here on my journey. You all really brighten my "off" days and give me an even bigger boost on my good days.

A massive THANK-YOU to you all. I look forward to continuing on this forum with a new badge on my profile from next week. Apologies for the long post - just wanted to show my appreciation!!

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well done on making it this far - it must be an amazing feeling to know that you have just 1 run left until graduation.

I know what you mean about when there is a clock infront of you the time seems to go so slow so I now dont bother looking at the time & just trust that Laura will tell me when to stop!

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