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Keeping out of the rain

After such a lovely weekend, british May weather has returned and it was grey and damp and miserable here today - but I'd set my mind on getting through W4R2, so decided my best option was to do it on the treadmill.

It's been ages since I've been at the gym, and I was worried I'd fall off (again) or similar, but all went remarkably well. I set the incline at 1.0, to try and approximate the effort I'd use outside. How accurate it was, I don't know, but the run was certainly hard work on the legs (although surprisingly not on the lungs, I really do breath far better inside than out).

I'd also somehow managed to leave my ipod on my office desk (where hopefully, dishonest cleaners asides, it should still be tomorrow morning), so I had to run without Laura, or any of my own music. Thankfully, having done the programme before, and already done W4R1, I remembered 3 - 1.5 - 5 - 2.5 - 3 - 1.5 - 5 and just timed each run on the treadmill.

Hopefully weather will improve for the next run and I'll get back in the fresh air!

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Hi I'm on week two and so far have avoided the rain. A colleague who runs a lot says that running in the rain is almost better than dry, she says there is a chemical reaction that really gives you a boost.... I'm not sure if that is true but I'm holdng on to it as I suspect that going into it with that attitude may work....


I think it's just more refreshing, and you get rain wet which is much better than sweaty wet and the kid who used (who am I kidding???) to jump in puddles comes back out, if you're wet you may as well be dripping!


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