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Week 9 run 1 - got there in the end :)

Hey you all fab fast runners how are you all- doing great by the looks of it :)

I just completed my first 30 minute without stopping AND I actually enjoyed it.

I got a mental block and had troubles with weeks 7 and 8 but really feel I have got over that now. I just kept repeating the runs til they felt better and less of a struggle

To all newbies and non believers don't give up or let your brain tell you you can't because you can!!

Also those that have been following my mishaps and kerfuffles- I have joined an outdoor running club beginners course to help me get off the treadmill- I really enjoyed my Tuesday running in the sunshine. I home hoping this club will help me speed up and gain confidence outside. Fingers crossed! Still got to graduate on here first !!! Watch this space :)

Keep up the good work lovely peoe and sorry I have not been in touch- blooming work too busy x x x x

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I just posted a very similar blog to you! Tonight was the first run I've enjoyed in ages too.

Well done for sticking to it and joining a running club - I don't think I'm brave enough for that yet!



I think you're very brave to join a running club and run with others! Congratulations on that, and on running for 30 minutes - and especially because you enjoyed it! :)


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