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W3R1 and enjoyed it!


I dont think I was ready for how much of an emotional rollercoaster this would be. One minute scared, the next nervous, the next deflated, the next over the moon!

My normal weekday for my running week starts on Friday but I was up and awake at 5.30am today and just thought I would go for it. Had my rest day yesterday and legs felt ok so I thought I might aswell go as I wouldnt get back to sleep and was nervous and excited to see if I could do 3 minutes in one go. Once the dogs heard I was I was stirring there was no going back to sleep anyway! Surprised I found this so much easier than week 2. It wasnt a doddle but it was better for me than the runs last week. The first 3 minute run was great and I started to enjoy it and even the last 3 minute one was ok - when Laura said I only had 60 seconds left, that feeling was great as I was sure I was only half way. Didnt do anything different (same time of day, same outfit, same area etc) but the godsend was that my legs didnt hurt one run in making it feel do-able. They are tingling a bit now and wondering what I am putting them through but its not too bad:) I have found so far that run 1 of the week was ok but runs 2 and 3 were hard - probably because my body knew what was coming:) Just got to keep going:) I know there will still be hard days and am sure in a couple of days time when i try this again it might not be as easy but I know I've got to take the good days with the bad as they are all helping.

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Brilliant :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did mine yesterday and I quite enjoyed it too! My legs are a little bit tired today but nothing too drastic. Onwards and upwards ....


Yeah mine are tired now and probably will be all day but I can cope with it. For me runs 2 and 3 in the week are harder as I know whats coming so I hope its not too bad. I dont know about you but 2 weeks ago when I started this I couldnt have done this. Just got to keep going and getting out there.


Interesting that you say the 2nd and 3rd ones are harder - "as I know what's coming" - maybe that suggests the problem is more in the mind that in the legs (so much of this running game seems to be in the mind!) - but it does mean that if you talk the gremlins/monkey on the shoulder down, it could turn out much easier than you think! :)

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