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Wow - one of my best runs ever!

After a long day sitting on my backside at a desk, getting up only to make cups of tea and eat biscuits, I got home knowing I still had my 5km of something to do for the 5x50 challenge.

Quick change, grabbed the dog's lead and set off for my usual running haunt in nearby woods. I walked for about five minutes, switched on my tracker and music and decided to forget about the time or the distance and just to run until I felt I'd had enough.

It was such a beautiful night that I left the woods at one side and ran out along the dunes and round the point - no breeze and the views out over the Firth of Forth were so clear the other side looked only a few miles away - then back into the woods.

Finally, it was the soles of my feet that started getting sore so headed back towards my starting point, but feeling strong enough to pick up the pace for the last 300m or so.

It turned out that I actually ran further than ever before - ok, at 5.4km only a wee bit further - and it took 45 mins but this route had so many ups and downs, short and long, and tracks through sand and still-muddy woods, that it was 'challenging' to say the least.

But the best bit of all? There were points along the way when it felt just so damn good to be out there, feeling strong and moving with a steady rhythm. In fact, they were moments to remember during the times in future when the knees hurt, the hip hurts and I feel like giving up after 5 minutes.

Big shout out to the C25K programme and lots of encouragement to those who are working their way through it - don't for a minute think it's not worth it!

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What an inspiring read; sounds like a wonderful place to run. It is so true that it is definitely worth it.


You have captured the great feeling of just 'being out there'. Lovely. I enjoyed reading about your run, and yes, it is all definitely worth it!!


The best you can hope for is to really enjoy a good run, and you've certainly achieved that with this one. Really does make it all worth it, and lovely to look back on and keep you motivated.


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