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Hi..my first post.......

I have been an avid follower and reader, but have never actually posted. I think because I always thought I would never complete the first week, then the second and so it continued. In a way,you were my hidden lucky charm. I thought if I posted, I might break the spell:-)

This week I have finally completed two runs lasting longer than 30 minutes. Sunday I ran for 40 minutes and last night I managed 33mins. I always find evening runs harder than in the morning

I did join the local running club as they have a beginners course over 8 weeks (running 3 times a week) I used to go with them one night and then listen to Laura on the other two sessions. Although a slightly different time scale, I managed to use the encouraging podcasts, each time I ran.

My goal was to finally enjoy running...not quite there yet..but like everyone else I enjoy the feeling afterwards.

So my question is...have I graduated or not?

My 61st birthday is on Saturday...so I would love to have that title badge by my name. If only as a reminder of how far I have come.

Onwards and upwards..my first 5k I hope to run in June. I don't think a 10k or marathon is on my wish list...not sure my feet are ready for it. I also had a bilateral bunionectomy last October..another long awaited wish.

So for everyone doubting their ability...if an ageing 60 year old can achieve it in eight weeks...think what you can do. Hopefully, that is the challenge you are needing to hear.


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Congratulations. Well done Here's to your first 5K!


Thank you for replying...I will keep running..if only very slowly:-)


Brilliant well done you :)


Thank you...looking back I didn't think I would make it:-)


Congratulations on being a 30 minute runner! It is no mean feat! To get a badge, send a message by clicking on 'Feedback'. It's up to you when you've officially completed the programme really - most people probably count three week 9 runs (ie 3 x 30 min runs) as the final week's worth.

Carry on enjoying your running. :)


Thank you for the information. I have now done 4 runs in total..ranging from 33 minutes to 45 minutes. My last run was on Sunday at 38 minutes (3.18 miles) the sec on half of it into a head wind:-(

No time today..but definitely going out tomorrow.

I will now email them for my badge...


I ran for 45 minutes this afternoon - it seemed a very long time indeed! :) Head winds are pretty tough too!


Well done...I didn't realise how long 30 minutes is...I do now:-)


I got my badge:-) Thank you sooooo much:-)


What a beautiful badge! Suits you. :)


Thank you..I think it matches my running outfit:-)


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