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Week 6 - run 1

Was very focussed on getting first session of week 6 R1 under my belt. I was in a very happy mood - and feeling quite chipper about things. I found the runs ok - especially knowing I had run for 20 mins a couple of days ago. I also thought it was 1 five mins and two 8 mins. so I felt as though I had got off quite lightly when laura said only 5 to do for my last run. I still found it hard - but I think I was running quicker. More encouraging was I am less daunted by hills and manage to get up them without stopping. So felt todays run was a good bridge to prepare for the end of week 25 mins - but time will tell!!

Good luck to everyone especially to week sixers - Olivia 78- Go girl :-)

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Well done, and I'm really glad that the runs went well. And fantastic for getting up those hills - very brave of you, and I am sure that you will nail that 25 mins.


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