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Week 7 Run 1 - No Laura!!!!

Decided I wanted to run 25 mins with something I wanted to listen to. So set up a workout in runkeeper and armed with radio 2, still not got round to creating a playlist, off I went.

Up into my local park, not my usual route, but not on a schedule this morning so thought I would treat myself.

The run/shuffle was good, felt like a good pace and the scenery was great. But epic fail on the GPS, think it only clocked about half the workout. But the workout still managed to shout at me every 5 mins so at least I know I did run for 25 mins - yey!!!!!

Note to self before next run - must create a play list, enjoy the ride and not worry about recording distance and pace - for now!!!!

Happy sunny bank holiday everyone

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Lovely day isn't it... Have been out for my run and must have a shower instead of hanging round on this site now!


Me too! Great site though!


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