Sub 30 mins at last!!!!

Sub 30 mins at last!!!!

I managed to break the 30 minute barrier after 4 months of trying. My running has been going well including 2 10km races where I certainly did not trouble the winners but I have been unable to break the 30 minute barrier - the best being an agonisingly close 30:03 a few weeks ago. That time I ran through a real stitch and finished in almost agony.

This time, I had a great start and just managed to get there with a sprint finish. 29:54 - it is only just but it is there. My pal has been telling I was running within myself and I was determined to get there in May. I am surprised it was this quick especially as i ran 5km on Tuesday, 18 holes of golf on Thursday, 5km on a very hilly route on Friday and 21km on my mountain bike last night. So fairly tired - oh and my 4 year old voting bed and switched the tv on at 5:20am today. Plus I am still getting over Leicester beating Forest yesterday. It just goes to prove we can all do it. I am 42 and still a bit over weight but not for much longer. This has really rejuvenated me and my motivation!!!

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  • Congratulations and it is very encouraging to me to have read your blog. Hope to join you sub 30 minutes soon!

  • Cheers, hope you get ur better legs soon!!

  • Well done! Sub 30 seems a long way off for me, but I'm very happy to cheer others on! :)

  • Thank you. It's just about hitting your own goals and this has always been mine. Anyone who can run 5km should be proud whatever their time. I bet over 90% of the country can't!!

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