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Pesky Midges!!

Have really enjoyed using the local canal path for my runs athis is lovely and flat, surrounded by trees and not too busy...Until today that is...!

Presumably because of the warmer weather, the canal path along one stretch was swarming with midges. I only found this out after inhaling several and then had to resort to trying to breathe out of the corner of my mouth (Popeye style!) Very glam!

A bit further on I managed to loose my tissue as I took my jumper off and had to cope the rest of the way with my runny nose and no sleeve either!

Did W7R1 and although it's a struggle, am enjoying these longer runs much more than I thought I would - especially the lovely feeling at the end of knowing I've run for 25 actually me!

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Wow running for 25 min how fantastic you must be really chuffed, I haven't had a midge problem yet but I've had a runny nose from the beginning and get hot so no sleeves, have tried keeping tissues down bra, shorts, socks, watch! At least concentrating on my runny nose has taken my Mind off not being able to breathe lol x


Tee hee your blogs made me giggle so much, thanks :D

Betcha that many C25Kers will relate to all these experiences so well: canal midges, runny noses, tissues sticking into underwear, tissues tucked into trousers slipping all the way down a leg etc etc ... And what on earth to do with no sleeves or tissue and a runny nose???

Must add another menace to your list: avoid at all costs a hedging bush called pittosporum - it seems to be the local housing estate for squilllions of black flies which launch themselves at passing runners!! Even with glasses on, I recently had them in my eyes, nose, mouth and ears having simply jogged slowly by ... totally yucky :(

Keep plodding on both of you, you're doing so well. I loved the break into longer runs too - after these you won't look back, welcome to running.

Take care, you'll soon be graduating, no flies on that one! Cheers, Linda x


just about to start week4 next week and I still cannot believe that I can run for 3 minutes... so 25 would be like WOW..... hopefully I will get to find out what it feels like for myself in just 3 more weeks....

well done, good luck and happy running


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