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The sun's out and so am I

What a beautiful morning! I was thinking last night, as I drifted off to sleep, I really should run again soon... and since the sun was shining today, and I've decided my skinned heel has had more than enough time to recover (four days, in fact), and as I have no other plans for the day, there was no excuse not to get out there and finish week 3.

And finish it I did! My breathing still isn't what it should be really, but only once did I feel the panic-breathing come on, and I was at the end of a 3-min run anyway so wasn't too concerned since I was allowed to stop (or at least slow down).

Everyone was out today, dog-walkers, cyclists, runners, and fishers, and all in a good mood - right at the end, as I puffed my way on the last minute of the last 3-min run heading to the car, I passed one especially nice man who shouted "keep on running!" and really spurred me on!

My ultimate goal is still to do the Great North (5k) Run, but would love to run a Race for Life in between too, if I can be brave enough and stick to the plan.

A long afternoon in the garden is called for now!

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Isn't it lovely to get encouragement from other people? Always makes me really smile. :)

Keep it up! You can do the Race for Life if you want to! (In fact, why not sign up for one anyway - you don't have to run all the way anyway, loads of people walk them. I've done it twice walking, and was nowhere near last.)


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