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Forum rules re charity

Completing c25k has inspired me to continue getting fit and losing weight. As part of that I've joined a team of slimmers in trying to lose weight throughout May in order to raise funds for two great charities. I'd like to post a blog about this and include a link to our just giving page so people can donate if they wish but I wasn't sure if the forum had any rules relating to this. Is it ok to post such a blog?


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I don't think there are any rules about it - people have done it before, though I think most people tend to sponsor people they know.


Fair point, thanks for the answer :)


I agree - one of the great things about this forum is that there are no real rules - we just all get on well together.

I do worry about fundraising appeals though. Not about the giving - that's not really a problem But most of us entering bigger runs will be doing it for charity, and there cold be a danger that it all becomes a bit incestuous. I can see people feeling under a bit of pressure to give - kind of to not appear mean? And also it could become a bit of a "league table" of who raised the most? I prefer to run just for running, but am trying to raise cash from a big run in the autumn. But as greenlegs suggests, it'll be from those unfortunate enough to know me personally.

Sorry to be negative - don't let me put you doing what you think is right.


Agreed and well put :-)


Thanks Malcy. I actually agree completely with everything you've said. This isn't the right place for fundraising, keep it about running and getting healthy! Thanks for your reply.


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