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Week 6, run 1 - that hurt!!


For the first time my body definitely felt the effects of the run. My lower calf muscle on the right side was really stiff afterwards and has been painful ever since. Done quite a bit of walking since and it's begun to loosen up, so I'm hopeful I can carry on running.

Sadly I am having to give myself an extra day's rest before Run 2, which is the first time I have missed a day since starting the Programme.

Fingers crossed for Saturday....

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Well, having an extra rest day here and there mightn't be too bad a thing at this stage of the programme. You're probably much fitter than I am so it won't apply, but I really need that extra rest day when I do my longer runs! You'll be fine - trust the programme, listen to your body and you'll have that lovely green badge sooner than you know :)

SlidemanGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks. Not sure I feel very fit right now but I'll see how the run goes today. Oddly enough I've really missed it and feel a longing each time I pass the park.

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