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W5R3 woohoo!


I've taken several days break (from last Sunday to today (friday), so my leg could have time to heal. I did something to it while walking on the day before Saturdays run. The lesson I learned is that if it doesn't feel right before you go, rest instead because it takes even longer to heal! Which is what happened last Saturday, I completed that run but at the cost of making the leg much worse.

Well, it's all better now, so today I went out for Week 5, Run 3! This is the 20 minute biggie, and it wasn't too bad. Yes, it was hard work, but considering I have only walked for the last 5 days it went great. The first 17 minutes were hard, then the last few minutes got easier, perhaps because that was downhill :)

So, a lesson learned (take as much time as needed to rest!) & week 5 is complete. Another 2 days rest for me now before starting week 6. I'm also waiting for news of my sister who is in surgery right now having her breast removed (cancer), so cross your fingers or says prayer for her if you've a mind to, she's not quite 33 years old bless her.

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Well done for doing this run, I did it yesterday and I agree, hard work but not too bad.

All the best to your sister. Hope everything goes ok.

thanks, that's inspiring as I'm about to do W5R2.

Prayers for your sister. Hope it all goes well.

Prayers for your sister. Hope everything goes well for her.


Hi, well done for your run, sending prayers to your sister and you, hope all goes well x :-)


Thanks for the kind messages of support. My sister is recovering well from the operation.

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