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Sore back how long to rest? W6 run 1

I strained my back yesterday (poor lifting technique, I should know better), did boot camp (low impact) last night, it's a bit achey and "tight" today, how much rest should I take? Using ibuprofen, but trying to keep moving & stretching as sitting down makes it worse. Next boot camp is Tuesday, but I haven't run since Tuesday, on supposedly starting week 6, doing Race for Life in July.

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I have fairly constant lower back pain at the moment having to sit for too long at the computer (12+ hours daily at this time of year) and additionally because i have been moving beds and furniture and bending over putting them in a trailer. Especially stiff first thing, but strangely I find that running alleviates the pain and loosens everything up. It may not work for you of course, but I find that exercise helps (as long as it doesn't impact directly on the part that has been strained). But zero medical knowledge here, so best to do what you think is best!


Thanks Landesman, I'll try tomorrow I think, my poor dad was of the generation who was advised 3 months rest when he injured his back in the 70s, poor bloke was never the same again, moving is much better. Good luck with all the moving!


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