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To start again, or not to start again?

I successfully completed both Week 1 and Week 2, but after week 2 I had sore knees. By sore I mean they were a litte tight at the back and 'twingey' if I twisetd them slightly. I am not sure if it was related to running or cycling. that was 19th April.

I decided not to run the following week, but that weekend (26th - 28th) happily walked 40+ miles with friends, and had no trouble at all. I wore knee supports on Day 1 (13 miles), but not thereafter.

I am thinking of restarting the running tonight, so should I go back to Week 1, or back to Week 2. I feel fine. Week 2 was, by the end of the week, not a problem for me.

Any thoughts

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I think I'd do a week 1 run to see how it goes then go into Week 2 for the next run if that went ok.

Try cushion insoles to protect your knees from the impact of running?


If it was me I'd be tempted to try again. In my experience some of the niggles are just your body's way of getting used to an activity that is new, But if you are in pain then it's best to stop and maybe see someone who can help with making sure your trainers etc are suitable

I hope that helps xxx


Thanks for the responses.

I had a little test run of Week 2, and slowed down. It went fine, in fact it seemed easier than when I had originally done Week 2 a couple of weeks ago. I have now done Week 2 R 2, and still fine.I have slowed the pace by letting my legs find their own momentum, rather than me pushing them along. Knees seem OK.

I think LouisaJayne's comment that the niggles are just your body's way of getting used to it is about right.

Thanks. Week 3 next week. Bring it on.


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