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A bit over halfway

A quick update on how things are going in the land of lost dogs and purple faces.

Tomorrow I do W6R2 - can't quite believe it as only a few weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds. At the weekend my daughter and I signed up to do Race for Life ( although I have told her that mine will be a Plod for Life) which is a target for me and testament to this extraordinary programme and community.

I no longer sneer at runners and pretend that I don't care that I don't do any exercise. What I don't care about is how I look when I run - if I'm purple and sweaty, that's my business and it's because I am getting fitter. I'm still a podge but at least I'm a fitter podge than I was in March. I like reading the posts from the Graduates and the posts from the Newbies - it's great how we all help each other. I am so grateful for the motivation and encouragement and to the programme for how it's changed me.

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Ha ha, you inspire me to keep going and try to become a fitter podge! :-)


Super news ... So glad you are making good progress through the programme :)

How are you finding the longer runs now, eh? Must say I was amazed that once I got a taste for the uninterrupted runs, I actually started to begrudge Laura's butting in and breaking my 'flow'. It was round about a similar stage when I think I first found what the 'old hands' call the "zone"!!! Maybe you're getting close too? There will be a time when you no longer think about your legs or lungs or dripping face, you won't be interested in other folk around you ... You just kind of get lost in the joy of running a sensible, do-able pace with ease.

Great too that you've signed up for Race for Life...good on you! You'll get a chance to show 'em all what one can do when one is determined! Enjoy it all, am watching to see how you are doing ... Wishing you well, all the way. Loving the new you. Giddy up :D Linda x


Just got back from today's run and did find it quite hard, but... I know what you mean. When I did the 20 minute one last week I did find a point when I was just rather enjoying the rhythm and would have kept going after the end but was a bit concerned that I might break the spell. Thank you for your motivation and kind words - it's a real boost.


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