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W3R2 take 2

Tried again for W3R2 today, hoping a day was enough for my left heel to have made some effort at healing, and making the most of the warm, not-so-windy, day.

I did eventually make the whole run, although since my left heel decidedly hadn't improved, the walking parts were done at more of a speed-limp. Oddly enough, my heel *didn't* hurt while running, presumably because of a difference in the way I move so it wasn't rubbing on the back of my trainer.

Having had a good look tonight, I think tomorrow's rest day is much needed, since I'm now missing a tiny patch of flesh and it stings like something really stingy if touched.

Unattractive limping and foot-swearing aside, I was happy with the run, although I still need to get my breathing sorted so I don't end every run looking and sounding like an asthmatic beetroot.

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I love the idea of a 'speed-limp'! I too look like a sweaty pantingwheezy root vegetable. I fear it may just come with the territory, although I think that perhaps one is more conscious of it than others are.

I guess that you'll need to let your heel recover a bit and perhaps get another pair of trainers, or at least a better pair of socks. Well done for starting the programme.


As a sport, I'm hoping Speed-limping might catch on...

Its my fault (and my shoes), in summer I tend to wear work shoes which are lower at the back than in winter, and quite often when I first break them in, they rub the back of my heel a little at the top. I knew this had happened again, but wasn't feeling much discomfort from it, until I put on my trainers, which are *higher* than the rubbed spot, so really aggravated it.

I refuse to buy *another* pair of trainers!! lol


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