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Right, I did it, its a start!!

Did my Wk1 1st run today yipeee, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the scenary of mountains and the sea on paths, fields and the road. Apart from feeling rather nauseous at the end! I am 3 stone at least overweight and hope this plan with dietary changes will help me loose weight and get fitter. Feeling stressed recently so hopefully it will help to ease this and improve my mood. Anybody out there on the plan have successful weight loss stories to inspire me!

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Definitely. I am appox(or was 2 and half stone overweight). since xmas I have been up and down the diet scales by half a stone. March was rubbish completely stagnated at nearly 13 stone. I felt very defeated, but something nagged in my head to have another crack at it. I had been reading the C25k site for sometime and not quite got into the zone. but by Mid april I decided that enough was enough - pull out those running shoes and stick to the 1400 calories a day(mostly). It was with some nervousness I started the programme as i was not sure I was up to it for all sorts of niggly health reasons. But I have taken each week as it comes - listened to Laura and just got on with three runs a week. i am now at mid point of week 5. so the running is ok - but importantly the weight is finally beginning to shift. since mid april I have lost approx 5- 6 pounds. not much - but that is over three weeks - and feels a sustainable ( and recommended weight loss). I am looking fwd to celebrating that first half stone soon. This and the weight loss site have kept me going - and I enjoy reading others success, as well as though who need support.

So best of luck


wow brilliant, feeling hungry after my first day of C25K but cooked for the family and had a small side plate full for my self. Feeling stiff after the run, I hope I will be able to do it again on Thursday. Thanks for your encouraging comments! Good luck to you too!


You sound similar to me. I'm now on week 4 having never run in my life. I found the stretches for after running on this website really good. I didn't do them the first time but after that have done them and have the odd niggle (not surprising as I'm in my 50s!) but not much ache. Don't forget to take your measurements as muscle is heavier than fat so the weight loss might be slow but you'll be running with your trousers around your ankles!


Thanks for the tips, no I didn't do the stretching and pretty stiff after my first run on the plan this morning so that's my next step. Keep you posted!


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