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My lad and I did stamina tonight.... Phwoooar that was good and hard hard hard! It didn't help that we had 2 enormous hills to climb.I managed 5.2k but we worked out Leon did 6 as he just sprinted off big time in the last 5 mins, he is amazing for 11. It's so good doing this with him especially as its his sats soon and he has dyslexia so this Is giving him enormous confidence I'm a very proud mummy!!

I am wondering what next as we want to build up to 10k, but i cant find much. audiofuel looks good but big leaps. should i jncrease each week for time or distance?? never having done this before i really have no idea! he is desperate for a garmin and I have agreed to put money towards it for his sats but a bit worried it might not be a good investment for him? Are they good??

I so love reading all the blogs here I just regret not finding this till late in the programme. You all seem so amazing and so inspiring!

Off to bed now as tired muscles and heavy husband asleep on my lap( he has a v early start)!

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Great achievement, especially for Leon. You are so right to be a proud mummy! Sorry but I can't comment on either the Garmin (don't have one :( ) or the 10k (too scary :O ) but I agree with you big time about the inspiration on this forum :)


What a fantastic idea I wish I had stated with one of my sons! I would be so proud of him too! GO Leon :D

I have a garmin 610 forerunner with a HRM my husband bought it for me for my birthday and I love it. I can see easily as I'm running how far i've run, how fast my pace is at the time and also how long i've been running in total. I don't take the stats too seriously at the moment but I do love looking at the map and the split times and just comparing the previous run to the current one . I used to use mapmyrun on my iphone and that was good too and much cheaper. I just found that carrying the phone and getting a good signal wasn't always in tune and just to have something on my wrist was much easier for me.

I can't help with 10k really I'm looking to do a 10k run in september and I think I'm just going to increase my long run each week by a bit and see how I go (I have a friend who is a marathon runner to help me)

Good Luck xxx


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