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Summer shoes + trainers = Ouch!

Sticking with my return to C25k, headed off tonight for W3R2, feeling confident and really looking forward to it, despite a cold wind whipping off the lake, since it was bright and I've set myself a goal so have something to build to.

Anyway, what with all the warm(er!) weather of late, I've switched from my winter work shoes-come-boots, to my summer work shoes, which are much lower, especially in the heel. The end result of which for the first week or so is quite often skinned heels, until they toughen up.

I had forgotten completely about this, until I popped on my trainers and strided out for the quick warm-up walk... ouch, ouch ouch! Loosend my trainer, and made it (sort of) to half-way through the second run (the three-minuter) and then had to admit defeat and slouch home.

So annoyed with myself, I was getting into a good rhythm, and had loads of energy left when I had to stop! Plaster on, shoes off, and hopefully will have healed ready for another blast tomorrow.

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Ouch, that sounds sore - hope your feet improve! It might be worth giving them an extra day, rather than having to miss even more? Best of luck when you get back to it :)


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