Ecstacy+tears+blog+support+11 weeks+4.77kms+30.36 seconds= Graduation!!

Oh how I have waited for this day and at last I can say I have run 3x 30 minute runs....not yet to 5km but nearly ruined it all by trying to go too fast and ending up with severe muscle aches. I found this program quite by accident after my physio for my neck told me "if you don't use it you lose it" I realised it wasn't only my neck getting stiffer but my whole body so I googled running as thought this was more whole body. So here I am.

I never thought at that stage what an emotional journey this would be for me. I never thought for a second how hard it was going to be and would have laughed if you had said I would find 1 minute hard work but I did find it hard. But the program is meant to get you ready for the next bit and it does. I still find it all hard work but hey I have got there and everything is hard when your first learning. But 5 minutes now I think doddle!!

When I moved on to the longer runs the challenge changed from physical to more mental and without the huge support I got on here when I blogged I am not sure I would have got through. The hubby was more "well try something else you can do to get fit" whereas on here it was "you have been prepared your ready for it" and "you can do it" so a huge thank you to everyone. It doesn't matter whether you have replied to my blog or just blogged yourself its all here for us to read to get us through. So helpful to know we all start by gasping, nose running, being red faced and too embarrassed to run where others can see us but as the weeks go on you realise your no longer doing those things and your not diverting off to avoid others any more your just dong your thing. You realise your now proud to be out there and getting fitter and when others run past you think that may be me one day and once they were just like me.

I have learnt things the hard way like how important it is to go slow to build endurance or you suffer and how important those rest days are to heal tired muscles. Don't listen to temptation whilst learning it will only put you back. I have learnt that the runs I had to repeat of which there were 4 were not fails they were just practise runs which gave me the opportunity to talk to the on line community which is so rewarding and I am proud to be part of.

So now I intend to consolidate my 30 minute runs before I move on and once I am happily doing 5k in 30 mins will look at the other podcasts. So to anyone out there this program is within every ones grasp 9 weeks is only a guide so take as long as you need, but you will get there...I did!!!


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  • Well done on your graduation and thank you for such an inspiring blog. I am not too far behind but worried now that boredom is setting in as I don't have the interruption of the stretches of walking.

    BTW, glad to read I'm not the only one whose nose runs - seems to be a continuous drip which I'd hope would have dried up now the weather's warmed up. But no! Ho hum!

  • Thank you and yes boredom is a problem but I overcome this with changing my route each time but either cutting across the route or running round it the other way and by changing my music.....not sure on much longer runs how you overcome this though! The nose hardly ever runs now and to be quite honest not sure at what point you notice it has, think when your spending time fiddling with your hair earphones and everything else you suddenly realise its been a while since you had to grapple in your pocket for your tissues!!

  • Nice summary! I am just one run away from Grad and really looking forward to it.

  • Thanks not long now then, I look forward to reading your blog!!!

  • :) :) :) So, so very thrilled for you. Congratulations upon graduation! Wooopeee!!! Enjoy some celebrations and then pop back to the music/running shoes and we'll get those 5kms under our belts before moving further onwards. Best wishes for everything, Linda x

  • Thanks Linda you know you have been my inspiration!!!

  • Wow well done admin I have my badge already...if only I could run that fast!!!!

  • Well done on your graduation Karen and what a fabulous blog. :-)

  • Thank you can't believe how excited I am and my green badge already!

  • Lovely grad blog, Karen, and well done. Look, there's your grad badge already! :-)

  • Thank you......oh what a feeling!!!

  • Brilliantly done, Karen! So glad you've got that wonderful graduation feeling - and my goodness what a fast badge delivery! :)

    Lovely blog too - it will really encourage those coming along behind you, and made us 'oldies' feel good about staying on here to carry on blogging! :)

    Now enjoy a wee celebration!

  • Thank you I definitely have that wonderful graduation feeling and I think the badge arrived within the half hour hows that for speed!

    I hope we can encourage those following behind as the health benefits are enormous and we know this program is so doable especially with the support on here.

  • This is a lovely blog, it reminded me of everything I felt when I graduated. Well done on your graduation :D

  • Thank you!

  • Lovely blog thank you. W6R2 tomorrow so lovely to read this before going out and tackling that.

  • Thank you enjoy your run tomorrow!!

  • Congratulations! Very inspiring!

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations on your graduation, and look at your beautiful shiny badge :) Great blog too - very inspiring.

  • Thank you looks good don't it!!

  • Many congratulations - an inspiration to those like me who are just starting the longer runs. Very well done!

  • Thank you and remember your ready for them so you will be fine!!!!

  • Lovely graduation blog and way an achievement, enjoy the next step of the journey :-)

  • Thank you...I never ever intended going past 5k but think once I am comfortable at this distance I may just start he next plan lol.

  • Great blog post! So much you have said rings true with me! Well done. x

  • Thank you.....I think most of us go through all the same trials but of varying degrees so its nice to know that " hey this is normal and they still graduated so I can too"!

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