Week 7 - hard times!

Hi all, anyone else find W7 hard? I have been OK so far, was so proud of myself when I got to 20 mins at W5, then found it tough in W6, (thought it would be easier! ha ha!) and now, getting shin and hip pain - the shins seem to be improving. I run on different surfaces and have some hills to contend with. Have completed W7R2 - hip very sore afterwards - not during the run though. It is getting better, range of movement all OK, just feels very bruised. Not sure whether to have an additional rest day. Any advice? Thanks All.


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8 Replies

  • Go for the extra rest day, Madge. Better safe than sorry and all that.

    Check out this NHS page for hip stretch exercises... they work! nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    Well done on your progress! :-)

  • Thanks Con-brio, W1 seems such along time ago now and I don't want to fail or do myself an injury! The hip pain hasn't happened before, thanks for the guidance. M :-)

  • Hi Madge. I felt just the same - very chuffed I completed week 5, then weeks 6 and 7 seemed so much tougher than I expected. I had an extra rest day in between runs for a while and it made all the difference. Iirc, I was back to running every other day by week 8.

    Definitely take an extra rest day or two if you feel the need There's no reason to rush to get to the end of the programe. You've completed the 'dreaded' run now so you know you can make it to the end. :)

  • Thanks Legion, I have decided to take an extra rest day, I don't want to be really disappointed in myself, or have a really bad time, so hopefully that will do the trick, I am enjoying it so much - and I want to get to the end. Thank you for the encouragement, I can't tell you how much this forum plays a part of my determination to succeed in the programme. Thanks again M :-)

  • Hiya Madge, sorry that you are suffering a bit, but glad that you are considering an extra rest day or two - I really found I needed these extra days as my limbs needed to 'heal' from the lengthier effort/impact I'd put them through. I think this is why run 2s are sometimes more painful than the first run of a section? Don't know if this might help or whether you might think it all phooey/bunkum, but a good pal/pharmacist suggested that I take a few arnica tablets to help the bruised, sore muscles and tendons! I really hadn't thought that pharmacists had much faith in herbal and homeopathic remedies, but I trusted his vast knowledge and experience and bought a small pot of arnica tablets. I took them for two days and my legs felt completely fine again. Who knows? Maybe the rest alone might have had the same effect? I'll keep them, however, may use them as I attempt longer/faster runs ;) Lots of luck with your next outing, if I can conquer this challenge, then you certainly can too! Take care, Linda x

  • Hi Linda, thanks that helps - I was actually at a pharmacists earlier today with the intention of picking up some glucosamine + tabs just for the cupboard and occasional use, but left the shop without buying them, doh! will write a proper list next time! Yes the first run was great, and felt so good, I think I am really lucky to have come this far without any significant problems, I will consider the arnica as well. Thanks again for the support and tips, back again soon, good luck to you too. M x :-)

  • Hi Madge, sorry to hear you're finding it hard. I needed extra days between the runs as they got longer, and even now I've gone down to two days a week because I am doing longer runs in prep for the Race for Life. Arnica is a good idea - hope it works well for you. Chin up - you're doing so well, and that graduate badge isn't too far away now :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph, something I forgot to mention is that whilst on that run on a bridleway I kicked up a stick which hit the back of my leg quite hard and cut it - a bit below my calf, so the Arnica may well be good for the lovely bruise I will be sporting over the next few days! So unfortunately as well as struggling with the run itself, have felt a bit sorry for myself, but so far glad I am taking the extra rest day. Good luck with Race for Life, and thanks again for the support and tips. M :-)

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