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Not a perfect 9 weeks program but completed it anyway:-)

I have finally completed the program. Ran 5km in 33mins and 30secs. Now my goal is to get it down to under 30mins.

That being said I did not complete the program in 9 weeks. It was more like 12-13 weeks due to taking weeks off for holidays or simply because I could not be bothered. I am so pleased to have completed it now. I just want to tell those who struggle sometimes (as I did) to get off the couch that persistence is essential. I would normally give up something if I couldn't do it perfectly 1st time round but with this program and all the positive talk on the blogs I realised it's not about doing it perfectly, it is more important to have the will/persistence to keep going after a setback that will decide whether you are successful. So if you have fallen off the wagon, don't do the self-blaming/I hate myself routine - just get up, take a step and repeat (as Scott Smith says) till you get what you want. Focus only on the 1st step not the end goal and it won't seem so daunting. Anyway, enough of that:-) I hope I can continue to follow my own advice now and keep going with this. Hope to try the other podcasts from Laura to keep me a bit motivated.

Just wanted to thank this online community of helpful and inspiring people. I haven't done much posting but always liked to have a read of others experiences. You are all so helpful and motivating. A true inspiration. Keep it it up. It really helps even for those who do not post but just read them.

Thank you everybody,


P.S - now how do you get the graduate badge?

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Congratulations! Seems to me that completing week9run 3 means you have completed the programme perfectly - who cares how long it took to get there, the important bit is that you can now run for 30 minutes, which is a significant achievement! You've done it in a very good time too - I graduated a couple of months ago, and still am nowhere near running it that fast. :)

Click on the Feedback button at the top and say you've completed the programme and your badge should appear fairly soon (maybe not till Monday?)

Do post again about how you get on as a postgrad - it's interesting hearing how others are doing. :)


Thanks greenlegs. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. You are one of my biggest inspirations! (along with a couple of other frequent bloggers ie. Malcy, con-brio and gayle)

I will find that feedback button now:-) I will post again I promise. Have never really done anything like this before (online community-wise). I can definitely see the merit in it.


Well done from one of the sometimes noisy ones (or that's what it feels like!). Great that you have achieved so much under your own steam. Congratulations! Are you planning one of the follow-up programmes now? Good luck anyway with whatever you do :) Linda x


Well done! Congratulations!


Congratulations on your graduation - it looks pretty perfect to me :)


Congratulations!!! well done on your graduations.


Well done to you and great times too! I graduated a few weeks ago and still have not managed 5k. :)


What a lovely inspirational graduation blog, teeming with excellent advice for 'newbies'.

Excellent time by the way!

Congratulations and happy running. :D


Getting there is what matters and you did. So well done. Don't stop now. :-)


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