Parkrun #2, the result! (and 5x50 #28)

And the result was...... 38minutes 18 seconds; placed 132 out of 143; but as my previous effort was at a different course I have been shown as first timer; but I am still going to count this as a PB for 5k (previous result Parkrun #1 was 45.42 in very muddy cold condtions) :-)

So happy to get under 40 minutes! Proves C25K+ must work, and there is hope sometime in the future as the weight comes off my poor legs might make that 30 minute target yet!!! :-)

Seemed to wait so long for the results - have been assembling a new shed in daughters garden for our bikes, annoying her checking my phone in hope of seeing the result!

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  • Congratulations! That's really good. :)

  • Fantastic, well done

  • Fantastic, well done

  • Fantastic, well done

  • Excellent result. Are you counting the bike-shed exercise towards 5x50? Put it under "something else"... ;-)

  • Should count it for shiver value if nothing else, was so cold in the wind then the rain stopped play!

  • Congratulations - lovely news to hear x

  • Great news!

  • Well done! What a great improvement on your time, even if it was at a different course. A great result :)

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