5x50 Goes 10K

No, I don't mean we're all going to start running 10k a day instead of 5 ...

The C25K Team has just broken the 10,000 kilometer mark!

That's an average of 162km per member over the 27 days that the challenge has been live. Well done to all! Especially those with a gold badge (:->)

The total for the whole 5x50 Challenge is just over 480,000km - an average of about 120km per challenger.

Isn't that amazing?


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30 Replies

  • The 'distance from London' calculator shows we've skipped over Hong Kong and have now passed Taipei, Taiwan. Brilliant work, team!

  • Wonderful! I have always wanted to visit the far east! ;)

  • I will virtually "visit" no way am I eating anything that stares back at me or still has legs attached. ;-( ;-)

  • Just close your eyes Gayle - everything will taste like chicken I am told! ;) :D

  • Amazing and fantastic!! So our team average is well above the Challenge average! I knew we were the best!! :D

    I would really love the 5x50 admin team to know about us and what we have achieved; the fact that we are international, all helping each other though we have never met, the wonderful stats and charts you created for us to keep us motivated. I wonder how we could do that?? We would knock their socks off with our wonderful team effort and it would be a great advert for C25K! As well as recognition for our efforts!

    I am actually thinking that this site has no PR team wanting to promote their program and how it has resulted in our great team :O :)


  • I've been thinking the same, We need someone to write something that they could submit to the 5x50 website. It could appear as a blog under the 'News' section. I'm not a writer, but I bet some one in our team could step forward and offer to do this...? Maybe it would be worth writing now and again at the finish.

  • Thats a good idea. I'm not a writer either. Do you want to put a call out to see if there are any takers?

  • So - what is your definition of a writer then? You're both writers - everyone on here is.

    Go on, I dare you! :)

    (I'll copy edit if you want. Not that you'd need it.)

  • Many here can write better than me; I change tense, etc all the way through.Anyway, I've already submitted my personal story to 5x50 2012, so someone else can write this time. ;-)

  • Oooh I dont know Greeners...I'm sure there are others here better at putting something together but maybe I will give it some thought over the weekend.....now that you have dared me! ;)

  • This sounds fantastic! Not to brag on ourselves, but it would be nice for our team to be recognized. Shoot! I think we DO have some bragging rights! :-) Gayle

  • We should brag Gayle - big time - we are the best and we just rock!! 8-)

  • Good idea to write something for the 5x50 people... I did mention 5x50 to the NHS editor ages ago... together with a link to your superb blog for use as a testimonial on their website... couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    We could use that, perhaps, as a starting point...

  • I will have a think and see if I can pull bits together from the blogs. No promises though..... ;)

  • Go on! You know you want to! ;)

    Someone needs to do it, and you've done 3/4 of it already on the blogs...

    Well done! :D

  • Good Job! :)

  • Wow that is fantastic and it's really good to be able to see how our team is doing. As you say it is a brilliant advert for C25K that they could use to their advantage! :)

  • 2 and half times the width of Australia, it's quite a distance. :D

  • Its nice to see our team averaging more per day then the other 5x50 participates! WE ROCK!!!! Malcy, I will do 5K a day, but 10K a day will require more medical supplies and a visit to the insane asylum. ;-) Gayle

  • That title did frighten me for a moment! ;)

    We are so wonderful! :)

  • Excellent result... and we're only half way there. Thanks Malcy for all your input. 8-)

  • Wow! That's great. Go team! :)

  • Well done everyone, it would be great if you caught the eye of 5X50 team. What about facebook?

  • Go team! You are all amazing! You'll be back at the start point soon - how far is it round the world? I reckon you'll do it :)

  • What a great way to end the week!! It is a huge effort from everyone; what an amazing team :)

  • Brilliant Malcy

    It was my birthday run today, 10k and the stinkin badges is a nice wee present :-)

  • Well Happy Birthday To You!

    Many happy returns.

  • Happy Belated Birthday Rob! :)

    BTW, was it you who mentioned about the Lidl Choc covered coffee beans? Got some yesterday, had a handful this morning and they were very nice.....had a lovely run too so put it down to the "rocket fuel" and the banana!! :D


  • Lola Sue it was ...... just remember when you see it on one of those "10 Things to Improve Your Morning Run" type articles in the running mags or newspapers that you heard it here first! :-)

  • I had a kind of Stonehenge moment thi morning.

    I was up and out really early and, as the skies looked clear, weather cool and little breeze I headed outdoors for a change. Turns out on my birthday the sunrise lines up exactly along the line of the old railway track I was running so for about 1km I could hardly see a thing! Loved it though .... must have been designed by druids or somehting to celebrate ;-)

    Here's to the next 10k

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