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W4R2 -" It does what it says on the tin"

I can't believe how well designed this running plan is. It manages to deliver what it promises.

I can now run for 5mins without stopping. That is amazing. On the very first run (W1R1) I was willing Laura to tell me that my 60 seconds were up and it was time to walk again.

So after my disappointment at the beginning of the week I am all fired up again. I even managed to pick up my pace in the last 60 seconds of the first 5min jog today. Can't say I managed the same for the second 5mins!!!! But my recovery walks are also at a brisker pace now. So all in all I am feeling quite pleased with myself. I also managed to do today's run 1min 9secs faster than Monday's run. Yipeee.

Just doing 3 runs a week gives me the flexibility I need to fit in with my work and other commitments. Instead of running yesterday, which would be my "normal" plan I ran today. However, I am always a bit apprehensive when I have my two rest days, just in case my body has "forgotten" what I did in the last run. Not to worry. It seems my body has a better memory than I do!!!!

I know that there is supposed to be at least one rest day between each run, but I am thinking that I will not take another rest day until Sunday. The reason being that I have a work trip to N Ireland on Friday next week for 10 days which will disrupt things a bit. So my plan is to do my last W4 run tomorrow and then do W5R1 Saturday and R2 & R3 on Monday and Wednesday (or Thursday) next week so as to have finished W5 before going off and then do W6 in N Ireland. Any comments from the more experienced and the "Graduates" would be much appreciated.

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I know what you mean. Was amazed at what my body could manage in week 4 compared to week 1 which was quite a battle. I noticed it even more at the start of this week (wk5) when the 8 mins that seemed a push at the end of week 4 felt no harder than the week 1 60 sec runs. bizzarre!


Absolutely true, it really does work ... why else would an overweight, 'not exercised since school', granny be plotting her graduation run tomorrow! All I would caution about planning to do the runs on consecutive days is ... be aware that sometimes things crop up or go wrong that we may not be able to avoid. In other words, don't set yourself up for disappointment (as you will surely be) if, unexpectedly, you become over tired, develop aches and pains, or simply have some grotty days with work. You may need to cut yourself some slack and accept that the challenge wont go away even if you have to take a bit of additional resting - after all you've already discovered that your body has a great memory ;)

Obviously I wish you every success but as each run gets harder don't be surprised if in the next few you may need a rest - so consecutive days is the last kind of stress you should put your body through. A stressed body is likely to be far more susceptible to injury.

Anyway, this was just a caution, you may well be perfectly fine. :D Enjoy the running and the hectic travelling/working schedule. Take care. Linda :)


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