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O.M.G. W2R1

I cant believe i have just completed w2r1 without having to deviate fro rests or stop my mp3 for a longer rest!

I went through the whole plan and then found myself about 2k from home so decided to brisk walk the rest. One happy collie catastrophy came with me and he wonders what all the fuss is about as he runs 5k every morning with my partner (my partner rides his bike). Thanks for the messages of support and advice knees not so bad but still aching will try cold water thanks Oonafor the tip.

Wow I have never run before this has given me a massive boost what a great plan wii keep you posted!!!

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Well done - keep on following the plan and you'll be running for 30 minutes - hard to believe, but it really does work! :)


Well done......happy running!!


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