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Hi everyone i have just completed w2r1 and was just wondering how was everyone else feeling at this stage? I felt the run went okay i also ran an extra 3mins non stop running at the end but at this point i was reallys truggling running 3mins straight. I feel like i can comfortably run 90seconds/2mins but anything over that becomes a real struggle. Is there anything else that can help for the future weeks that involve runs such as 8and20mins non stop running as im having doubts if i will be able to run for that long without stopping.

Thanks guys

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You have to ease yourself in gently I've just completed w5r1 yesterday and didn't think I could do 3x5mins run but it was quite hot yesterday but managed to complete it at the end felt as if I could go a bit more but stopped due to following the programme and doing what's being told to do and stopping when you have to don't over do it. Well done also 👍🏻

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Cheers well done to you also 👍🏻

Well done Cw1888, sounds like a solid start. I had shin issues in my first week and had to repeat it. My knees and calves were aching at various other points too, but nothing that persisted.

I too could not imagine running non-stop for 20 mins, especially when after 3 mins I was desperate for the walk 'break' in week 3. However, the programme really works. So long as you run slowly and take the rest days off, your body copes and strengthens for each increment.

I am on week 7 at the mo. Today I was supposed to run for 25 mins, but my app needed resetting to play some tunes and I ended up running a 30 min segment. It was difficult, but I managed it ok.

Don't look too far ahead (to later weeks) and just do your best to run all the segments as per the programme. You'll be fine :)

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Cheers some good advice. Not long for you to go now keep it up 👍🏻

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Thanks Cw1888 :)

Hi cw1888, well done on starting the plan. It really works, by building up your stamina one run at a time. No need to add extra minutes, just do the required time and do take your rest days between each.

You are learning to run for a prolonged period...nice and slowly and you will be amazed that you are able to successfully complete each week. Follow the rules and you will get there, as all of the graduates on her have.😊

Good luck with W2 R2 and take it nice and slow and steady..you are a runner in training...

Cheers nice to hear advice of someone who has completed the plan 👍🏻

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Hello there cw1888! Well done for getting to week 2 - I remember it like it was two weeks ago (because it was). I can't emphasise enough how important it is to stick to the plan, both physically and psychologically . I am actually learning to run more slowly every week. Sounds impossible. Sounds like cheating. But I firmly believe it works simply because I couldn't have shifted along at the (slow)

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(Sorry - post went prematurely) ... rate I do four weeks ago. So don't panic yourself by trying to get ahead of the game is my thought of the day. Have fun, take it easy!

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Thanks for the advice Gillma. I will take this on board for my next runs. Was just getting too worried about the future weeks but i will take each run as it comes and trust the plan.

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