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Week 4 done!

Just did my final week 4 run after a gap of 12 days due to being on holiday, catching a cold and going to the dentist :-( I figured that as I'd walked a lot on holiday I'd be ok to carry on where I left off.

These light nights are so much better - I don't have to rush home from work any more to fit my run in. The run went well but wasn't as fast as run 2. I was very sweaty when I got home but I guess that means I'm doing it right!

I'm looking forward to starting week 5 on Friday.

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Well done on getting back out there and after a break of 12 days and not being well I am not surprised it wasn't as fast. I am sure you will soon get back to your pace of running but more importantly is to get to be able to run for longer each week and your back on track for that.

Well done and happy running!!


You are doing it right: if you're not sweaty and messed up, then there's something wrong!

Congrats, it'll get better trust me. Just keep on jogging, stay positive and you'll graduate asap ;)


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