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Well today's run was challenging! It was a bit of a shock to me, running for 5 minutes! When Laura said I was halfway through the first 5 minute run, I was a bit stunned. But I kept going and did it! I am very pleased, just twice more to go!

The only bad thing was it was ridiculously warm and I was so hot, which made it a little bit uncomfortable. Hopefully it won't be as warm on my next run!

Happy Running!

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Those Laura updates are not always welcome :) especially on the longer runs, I remember thinking I must be more than halfway several times throughout the plan!

Congratulations on completing the run and good luck with the next one!


Well done! I couldn't believe running for five minutes, especially after the disaster that was week one, run one! I love having Laura chipping in as she always gives a much needed word of encouragement too!


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