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Hi everyone I just wondered has any of you been gaven a inhaler called spiriva respimat? I not tried it yet going to later today.

It says asthma and I am concerned as i have copd not asthma.

How did you get on with it?does it help your breathlessness?

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Hello Madonna1, I used to be on Spirava for COPD and it worked well for me, hope this helps have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

I have used Spiriva handihaler for a few years now. I have COPD and asthma. It works well. I take mine early evening 😊 xx

Hi MadonnaI was recently on this inhaler tried it for a month because I was wheezing, but now the GP has put me on a 3 in one inhaler called Trelegy.

Spiriva is a very common inhaler. It comes in a handihaler or respimat. The handihaler is a dry powder while the newer technology is the respimat which is a fine mist so they believe it can get deeper into the lungs. There are a lot of people here in Spiriva or at least there used to be so presume there still is. The biggest complaint many people have is a dry mouth and acid reflux, but everyone is different so you may have different side effects or none at all. My doctor doesn’t believe my reflux is related to the Spiriva. It is a long acting inhaler so it can take a few weeks to get the full benefit. You won’t necessarily feel an immediate benefit like you might from ventolin but if you keep using it as directed you should feel some benefit over time if you don’t feel any immediate benefit. Some people do feel an immediate benefit so you will have to try it and see how it effects you.

I was prescribed Spiriva when I was first diagnosed with COPD, and it worked well for me, except that I had a dry mouth, but was willing to put up with that. Then a couple of years back my GP changed it to Braltus, which they said was the same drug but cheaper. I get on with Braltus too, still have a dry mouth, so I usually have a glass of water besides me, and have sugar free mints or sugar free gum and a bottle of water with me when I go out.

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Spiriva Respimat is available in two dose strengths: 1.25 and 2.5. The 1.25 is meant for asthma patients and the 2.5 for those with COPD.

You may want to verify which strength yiu have and also verify with your doctor if that is what he intended.


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Madonna1 in reply to R2B_John

Hi.It was the nurse at the surgery that recommended I try inhaler and I checked it is the 2.5 one .

I used it couple of times now I hope im doing it right I struggle with inhalers that don't have a spacer.

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R2B_JohnModerator in reply to Madonna1

The Respimat is so much easier than a pressurized inhaler. Remember TOP...Turn, Open, Press. Inhale need to suck as if you are trying to win a contest. Two inhalations once a day and you should be good.

Difficult to answer, I was recently diagnosed with Bronchiectasis by a private consultant who prescribed Spiriva. Prior to that I was on Braltus which was given to me by my GP. (normal doctor. She diagnosed COPD 3 years ago. I tried to get referred to a specialist but could not get an appointment (our marvellous NHS). Saw this private specialist who diagnosed Acute Asthma, COPD and Bronchiectasis and gave me SPIRIVA. Before his diagnosis I had suffered 5 serious exacerbations requiring Hospitalisation and on each occasion it was diagnosed as COPD. Since taking Spiriva I have not required Hospitalisation but still get flare ups requiring antibiotics. So I would say Spiriva has helped me to a limited extent. Sorry to be long winded. See how you get on with it and let me know. Kindest regards

I was on spiriva respromat ( and fostair) but was recently changed to a trelegy ellipta, spiriva is a long lasting reliever I believe ( fostair is a steroid inhailer ) .the spiriva worked well for me and still does in the combined trelegy powder inhailer. I hope yours works well for you .

Be sure to check the leaflet for side effects as I didn't really think about the side effects from an inhaler. I was on Anoro for a couple of years was OK on it couldn't really see much of a difference in my Copd, then Dr swapped it for respimat said it was because I was wheezing a little. On the last occasion I saw him he decided to swap it again for Trelegy 3 in one but I got a real bad sinus infection on it and was left with post nasel drip, also I noticed when my badder got full I got a desperate urge to go quickly before it was too late. This had not happened before and I could always hold it.... It seems odd that this could be a side effect. I searched Trelegy on here and came across a post where the lady experienced the same effect. 😮 My GP does not believe it is a side effect and now I'm back on Anoro. Do these inhalers really make a difference? I still use my rescue inhaler salamol regularly before exercise or when I get breathless.

I have used Spiriva for about a year. I have COPD, no asthma. I like it and have no side effects

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