Himalayan salt air inhaler

I was diagnosed in 1998 with copd. I went into respiratory failure in 04/2009. I have smoked off and on and am still fighting that everyday. I have been treated many times for lung infections with antibiotics and steroids. I am on two maintenance inhalers, a med to help stop exacerbations. I also have started with sinus issues. 3 wks ago I started on the salt inhaler and it is giving me so much relief. Pls research this natural lung therapy for any lung issues from asthma, allergies, sinus, copd. My pulse ox used to measure 92-94%. It is now measuring 94-96%.

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  • I not only use a salt inhaler, I have several Himalayan salt lamps in my bedroom, living room and den. They not only relieve and reduce symptoms, but also are a very pleasant addition to the decor. I really enjoy the soft warm glow they add to the room. My daughters also use small ones in my grandsons' room to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms. They have been an excellent addition in our homes.

  • Salt inhaler ?? Never heard of it. Do you need a prescription for it ?

  • No, you can order one from Amazon.com, or at a natural health store.

  • I have bronchial asthma and found the inhaler to be extremely helpful. They have used salt caves in the Ukraine for hundreds of years for treatment. By using the salt inhaler and changing my diet, I have not had an attack for 5 years. I wish you well and send lots of sympathy your way.

  • In what ways have you changed your diet? I have noticed that coffee and alcohol worsen symptoms so I'm on the wagon there.

    The salt inhaler sounds good. I take salt internally along with Water Cure which I've posted about here.


  • I do not eat any mfg. foods, all organic and am basically vegetarian. I've cut way down on any animal product and do drink lots of water. I also go out of my way to avoid stress when possible. My doc can't believe the results. Just recently went vegetarian due to reoccurring hives and the issue is resolved; quite obviously autoimmunity is present. Also use only organic make-up. Hope this helps.

  • Great! Glad you are doing well. I don't think we can avoid stress, but we can manage it. Eat right, exercise, meditation etc.

  • One other thing. A salt inhaler really helped and helps stop things at the beginning and if one does get a respiratory "something" the salt inhaler is fabulous. Wish they would make one that fits in a purse. Luckily, I haven't needed anything for over 5 years, but this recovery from asthma has/is taken a great deal of work on my part, but definetly worth it.

  • You must not be on oxygen. I am glad it is working for you.

  • Were do you buy salt lamps? not sure it would help when I am on oxygen.

  • If you Google "Himalayan Salt Lamp", you'll get many options from which to choose.

  • I used the lamps and the inhaler while on oxygen 24/7 for over three years. I'm transplanted now, but I still use the lamps for my sinusitis and air quality. I don't use the inhaler any longer.

  • How is the transplant working for you? How long has it been?

  • I was transplanted on January 1st and I'm doing very well. I enjoyed my first long weekend at "home-home" away from transplant center apartment care this past weekend. Hopefully I will be released to go home soon. Yes, there are definitely adjustments and adaptation to a new lifestyle, but I can breathe and I no longer have an oxygen tube following me around.

  • They have them at Bed Bath and Beyond!

  • A salt lamp helps even if your on oxygen..my breathing started to improve once we put one in our bedroom,,,between that and exercise, diet and so forth...I'm only on oxygen occasionally..but I will use it when needed.. I now enjoy another salt lamp in the livingroom.. and my upper respitory health is slowly improving slowly but surely.

  • I'm interested in trying the salt inhaler. I was wondering if it's ok to use it with steroid inhaler. I'm currently using Qvar for copd but looking for other alternative methods.

  • It is totally natural salt that has 72 minerals. I use it with my inhalers, but I feel, in time, I may be able to lessen my need for steroid therapy. I am not having to use my rescue inhaler nearly as often. I only started using the himalayan salt inhaler less than 3 wks. ago and the difference is amazing!!

  • I have never used a salt inhaler (more info please), but I do have a salt lamp in my livingroom that is on most if not all day.

  • There is tons of info on the internet. Google Himalayan Salt Air inhaler.

  • You can use salt lamps until the cows come home if you do not stop smoking I dont' think anything is going to help until that time. IMHO.....stop smoking is the key.

  • I agree - the salt inhaler and salt lamp are both godsends for me but I am a non- never smoker. You're right - you must stop smoking other wise you are just putting back what the salt therapy is trying to clear!

  • my response was to original poster keylime1, where she states she is still a smoker.

  • I'm excited and thank you about the info regarding Himalayan salt lamps. I just ordered 2 for right now. I have asthma and copd. I stopped smoking 30 years ago. I am on 2 maintenance inhalers myself. I'm believing this will help!

  • Karentee, I am talking about a salt inhaler, not a salt lamp.

  • I think I will order some lamps/inhalers also. Thanks for the info!

  • I just ordered mine will let you all know how it goes.

  • I received my package with the dry salt inhaler yesterday 4/26/17 I'm very excited to get started on this.

    Will let you all know how it goes..

  • I have one, and I love it!!

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