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Chronic cough

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Can anyone please help me or tell what they do or what helps them with a chronic on going cough that won't go away? I live in Colorado, so the climate here is extremely dry. My pulmonary doctor has prescribed a few different inhalers. But none have helped with my cough. It tends to get much worse at night when I'm laying down. So I find that this coughing wakes me up on average 4-6 times per night. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day.

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We find that pineapple juice works to get rid of stubborn phlegm a glass every day helps my partner . And he is on spiolto respimat inhaler its a mist one works well . Hope this helps u 😊

Hello, I find warm drinks help cough, throat pastilles, boiled sweets. Always keep your fluid levels up. I also sometimes use cold remedies as they open the airways . I use three inhalers. They say rum & blackcurrant is good but I don't drink. Codiene is a good cough suppressant as are most opiods. Cough supresants help if its really bad. Avoid things that make it worse of course, you need to find your triggers to avoid. Good luck.

Thank you Katie

I can usually get my cough to stop if I drink something, or pop a cough drop in my mouth. You said the coughing is worse when you lay down, that could be from acid reflux. The acid from your stomach could be backing up into your throat and making you cough. Maybe try propping the head of the bed up a few inches so you are sleeping on a slight incline?

Thank you Katherine.

I'm on medication for acid reflux and sleep with my bed elevated as much as I can. Cough drops are a quick fix some of the time. Drinking something doesn't seem to help much. Dairy products cause a lot of phlegm. Swallowing is difficult from the radiation and I have to have my esophagus stretched every 6-12 months. But gastroenterologist doesn't believe that is the cause of my cough.

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I take a teaspoon of BEST QUALITY Manuka honey every day. Let it go down slowly so that it bathes your throat. Without it I have no voice at all and get lots of throat infections as well as the usual COPD flare ups. To me it's the difference between a decent quality of life and not. It's very expensive though.

I am sorry that you are going through this.

Hi - I developed a never-ending cough after I had to flu experiences. My pulmonologist who is the Director of Pulmonology at Columbia NYC told me it can take up to a year to stop coughing. What always helped was tea with ginger, lemon and honey. I've been at end stage form many years but was able to wean off supplemental 02 after 2 years of use. It will be 1 year on 6/06/20 completely off the Air Hose ;)

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