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Shielding with COPD


How's everyone coping with this long term shielding, I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Hello and good morning

We are doing ok here in Mount Rushmore country.

Certainly getting tired of staying home, but, have found ordering on line and picking up at the store, is great, even for groceries, makes not going anywhere more bearable.

At least the nicer weather helps, my kids can come visit, we just set outside, un- natural, but that is what we gotta do for now.

Hope your doing ok too, God Bless and good luck.

Staying home is not a big deal for me, hubby and I are both disabled/retired, so we are home most of the time anyway. I do go to the store (grocery store) when I need to, and I do not wear a mask unless absolutely necessary (between the emphysema, and the 2 missing lung lobes, breathing can be difficult enough without trying to breathe through cloth). I live in New York State, in the USA

Hi I to have copd aloneg with bronchitis I am medical retired we live on the nort Norfolk coast my wife and I and our shitzu go out early to walk along the beach and then back home to shield again

Hello, this is my first post here.

I am in Chesterfield, Derbys caz... so quite a few miles away from you.

Shielding for me is ok, tho I am a carer so feel guilty for not being at work - even though I know it's necessary.

How are you coping caz?

Hi caz1951,

I am in Glasgow and also shielding I have COPD severe emphysema i do miss not seeing my family and friends but I do agree with the first minister that this virus isn't over and she is right to be cautious and I for one would hate to catch this virus because with my condition I don't think I would survive. There is no doubt it is very hard on all that are shielding but necessary let's just moan but accept it's for our benefit.

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