What meds. are okay to take with Copd?

I know I have posted about the bad affects of antidepressants. However, I also know that I need something to help me have a better outlook these days. I have heard Celexa is bad, and that is what I currently take. :o It helps me some, but I heard/read it's bad with all of our breathing issues, and makes our o2 level lower.....I wonder if any of you know what is 'okay' to take with Copd. l also take Klonopin, but that's also bad. What, if anything, is okay to take for anxiety/depression with this disease.

There has got to be something! I'm not doing well at all with this. Not scheduled to go back to my Dr. until Aug. 8th. I will ask her then. Thought I'd get some advice here also.



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  • you might investigate the practice of meditation ... it has a calming affect which makes breathing easier

  • I have taken prozac, lexapro lorazapam,temazapam,and some others I can't think of right now and they are all bad. Just about everything causes shortness. Of breath. If you find one let me no. My problem is sleeping. I take melatonin and lorazepam and I m up every two hours.

  • What is an Fev

  • Read my post down below It has really helped me and like you I have tried all SSRI's some worked others didn't I have built a tolerance to the ones that work only a couple caused shortness of breath, the worst was Celexa. Good luck

  • I take melatonin and Xanax and sleep pretty good. Maybe try drinking a good brand of chamomile tea, that really does help make you calm and relaxed so you can rest. I hope things get better. Make sure to make the Dr aware your meds aren't working well, may need to change. They will know how to help I'm sure.

    Good luck with everything,


  • Bugabuga I too started to have a hard time sleeping in the last year. I have tried all SSRI's and SNRI's as well as all benzos and all of them caused me shortness of breath. I now take nefazadone and clonidine along with melatonin and benedryl 50mg. and now get 7 hours of good sleep. Although I sleep better and depression is gone I still have some anxiety and benzos don't work anymore I built a tolerance. Tried lots of alternatives no success. If anyone has found something that works for anxiety please let me know.

  • cannabis infused candies or food

  • Ask your pharmacy.

  • I had the same problems with both SSRI's and benzos with these meds I would get a pain across my chest and felt short of breath and my SAT levels dropped. My Dr. ordered genetic testing for me and the result was that SSRI's were not the best option for me. After taking Benzos for 25 years and building a tolerence My old Bad Dr. just kept increasing the dose to a ridiculously high level, 3 times the recommended dose.

    I have finally found meds that work Serazone ( nefasdone 150mgs x2 ) for depression and helps with anxiety. I also take .01 mg of Clonidine 3X works great for my severs anxiety and sleep. I also had terrible insomnia and I can sleep now..

    The side effects of both is dry mouth which went away after 3 weeks. Clonidiine was developed as a blood pressure medication with anxiety as off-label. I have seen 2 psychiatrists one for sleep help, and the other for my mental illness. both work together., and both say blood pressure meds will help with GAD and MDD. ask your Doctor and good luck.

  • i take mitazapine and prozac and up to now there great for me any way

  • Phyllis, ask your Dr about Zoloft . I have been taking for about 15 years, ever since it came out. No problems. It is for anxiety and panic attacks. Best Wishes, judg69

  • I don't know about Rexetin. I haven't heard of that medication. You might ask your Dr. or google the side effects. Good luck. I am trying to find out what is the very best one for depression/anxiety without making my breathing worse at night when I sleep. My O2 seems to go down when I'm sleeping. To 88-90. That scares me. :o

  • Yes I take Celexa and it works fairly well for depression, but I see it cause breathing issues. :( I will ask about your medication. Hope it will work for me.

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