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Hi could anyone advise me please I have moderate copd and asthma diagnosed nearly 2 yrs ago.. Iv started to wake during the night wheezing


And coughing and when I wake in morning I'm wheezing again until I take my inhaler spiollto respimat then I'm good for the day. Just wondering if my copd is getting worse..

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It could be related to your asthma. There has been an unusually high pollen count so far this year.

It probably is simply the high pollen count, but a call to your doctor couldn't hurt.

Sounds like you need oxygen at night.

I used Stiolto, too...it was OK, but I found that Triligy works better for me..it has 3 medications in it, instead of 2....might want to change to it just to see if it helps you more....good luck...this ain't no fun!!! Also..just thinking that some of these inhalers aren't to be used for asthma? Ask your doctor....

Hollyhops in reply to sweetsusie

Hi sweetsusie.. I find spiollto brilliant.. Which I take for copd.. 2 puffs every morning.. Flixotide for Asthma 2 puffs twice a day.. Do you mean they should not be used together..??

sweetsusie in reply to Hollyhops

Glad it works for you! No...but Stiolto shouldn't be used for asthma is what i've read..but if your doctor thinks it's OK..then it probably is....you take a different inhaler for your asthma....you're covered...

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