Old Age & COPD

Hi,. I'm Walter, widowed since 2011. I've been diagnosed with copd about 2 years ago, had a heart valve replaced earlier which my cardiologist thought was the problem. It was a problem but didn't cure my sob. Later my lung Doctor tested me positive for copd and put me on symbacort.

My primary Doctor checked me out a month ago and sent me to the hospital due to low blood oxygen. Now I'm back in my apartment, on oxygen and to boot, I'm type 2 diabetic. I purchased an electric scooter and getting pretty good at it. To conclude, I'm 89, a WW 2 vet and and agree, old age is not for sissies!

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  • God bless you for your service to our country. I will pray for u and all of us with copd.

  • Thanks Bugabuga ! Keep the faith!

    Old age & copd😄😄

  • Hi Bergw2818

    Good on you I'm sure you will be heading to Daytona on your scooter soon


  • God bless ........I'm turning 74 .....Great that you're 89. Keep on trucking and keep the faith

  • God bless, ok n my prayers

  • Welcome..that's so cool Walter..old age is not for sissies :) & thank you for your service. I'm on ox 24-7. Get tired of it sometimes but because it's sometimes so difficult for me to go to the b/r & back to the l/r again

  • Hi Walter: Thank you for your service, my grandfather was also in WW 2. You are doing great keep it up. Walk as much as you can , it will help the breathing and the diabetes, it makes the lungs get stronger. You take care and God Bless

  • Hi Walter, Could not agree with you more. We just keep adapting and are getting good at that as well. May you have a joyful day.

    Mary In Louisiana

  • Hi Mary in Louisiana: Thank you for our concerns! I hope you're not in the flood zone that has been front page news here in Florida! We seem to be in a new era of catastrophies in which our problems are insignificant! Hang in there and keep the faith! Evan tv is terrible! Keep smiling!

    Old guy with copd

  • On high ground, not likely to flood but not impossible as we now understand. TV sucks! LOL! Try amazon fire tv stick, Gives so much choice and somewhat better than cable or dish. Save some money! I like finding series like on PBS or BBC, then I can binge away and watch an entire season whenever I feel like seeing it. Also I read furiously on my Kindle Fire. I can go everywhere with reading that I will not be able to go to in this present body. I can never runout of something to read with my Kindle in hand. Everything wears out in time. Even us. Still life is good. Be blessed friend.

  • I agree I am 72 and on oxygen 24/7 how did you get a scooter electric? I am on social security do they pay for the scooter? I also have a bone on bone knee problem.

  • You can get a scooter at very minimal or no cost to you--go through your PCP doctor and tell him you need one. The paperwork should be taken care of between him and your insurance. I have humana medicare and medicade. Make sure you talk to your primary care physician about it! Hope this is helpful to you!!

  • Thank you for your service. Keep breathing and keep on keeping on. God bless

  • Yes Thank you for your help.

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