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Hi guys! I'm in late stage copd. I'm 51 and was diagnosed in my early 3os. I've been super tired and in and out if the hospital with flairs but no pneumonia thank god. Is anyone else in later stage. I guess I'm curious what I can plan on and what to expect. I'm 24/7 o2. I get out and about some. I'm on every drug the dr can think of lol. Some days I feel really good and can get a little done. My son is moving in soon to help me out some. I'm curious too that if its possible to stay in my home thru all this or do people end up in the hospital. I have so many questions and no answers..and really nobody to talk to that can understand my concerns...I knew you all would understand..❤

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  • I am not late stage,maybe severe, not sure. I am on o/2 24/7 and just want to say thinking of you and may you have blessed and good day.

  • Hi Cynners; I'm not stage 4 but I have oxygen 24/7 plus I have Heart Failure too. What others have told me to do is to stay as active as I can, to keep doing the exercises like walking or whatever you can. Keep doing your deep breathing with pursed lips and drink lots of water. Also wash your hands often.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have and we will try and answer them for you.

    The hospital question I don't really know the answer, do you have your DNR and Advanced Directive done, my doctor is pushing me to get these done. I have the DNR completed and on file but dragging on the other stuff.

    Have a good day

  • I have also been told that if you have your DNR on you to give EMS when they come to your home(if home when something happens),that if on the way to hospital ,if they needed to they would do life saving work,until they see that paper! So keep a copy close by if you don't want them to do this! We didn't have a copy at home for Mom,but there was one on file at the hospital.

  • I always carry my DNR card in my wallet, at home I have the orginal form taped to my frig along with a list of current meds, allergy listing and medical conditions. I think you are suppose to have a list of who to call but I don't have that done.

  • No I dont have the dnr and that stuff done. I have the papers..I need to do that. It'll make it easier for my kids if that's at all possible

  • What do they all mean then DNR and the other I am in stage 3 and on 02 24/7 also, what is a flair?

  • dnr order means do not recessitate (spelling is wrong sorry).

    A flair is when your copd is acting up and your symptoms are worse. Mine I can hardly breathe when they start now..ugh

  • A flare up of COPD. MY DR.does'nt feel I'm ready for a DNR which stands for " Do not recessitate" I hope this helps


  • Hello Cynners I'm really not sure what your plans of action should be for Stage 4. I recently was diagnosed and still researching info. You were diagnosed at a such young age. Do you have asthma or bronchitis or any other lung infections frequently? Were you a heavy smoker? Just curious as to what caused you to end up with this disease at such a young age. Iam glad you have a family member to move in and help you. I believe it will make it much easier on you. Take care and God bless

  • Yes. I've had chronic bronchitis and asthma all my life. I also am an alpha 1 carrier. My dr checked righr away for alpha 1because of my age, and she was correct. I am an alpha carrier with symptoms. They haven't done a whole lot of research on the carriers from what I hear. Any who..I've had a hard time breathing all my life. I was adopted so knew no familyy history. I did however grow up in a house with a chain smoker then i smoked for about18 years..soooo not good

  • God bless you

  • Hi Cynners I too I am in late stage COPD I'm 64 years old on oxygen 24 seven and just like you some days I can breathe a little better and some days I can't it seems when the humidity is high I can't do anything at all and feel like I'm dying . I just tried it wouldn't joy the good days and like you I don't know what's coming next but I do know we have to enjoy each day that we can.

  • Great advice and take things one day at a time

  • Thanks for the reply

  • So sorry to hear experiencing more flare ups and hospitalization lately also.i just keep praying for a relief and more of a well being going to look into stem cell therapy if possible.

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