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Hives/ itch/ allergic reaction to a fungal cream


Hi , Ive had a couple of scab like spots under my bust ,gp gave me anti fungal cream ,which seems I’m allergic to and now i think I’ve got Hives ,a very itchy rash on my upper body from about my waist upto top of my head , I’ve tried antihistamine without any success ,and also tried creams that are supposed to ease the itching,,,but it doesn’t ,, due to the corona virus I’m reluctant to ask to see my gp ,,, any advise given will be gratefully received.

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Hydrocortisone 1% cream. Available over the counter or on line from places like Boots.

I get itchy hives that last a couple of weeks from cheap jewellery and strong sunlight. Stops the itching and gets rid of them nicely.

Be careful to read the instructions.

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Thankyou , that’s what Ive now purchased

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Hope it works for you. 👍

Last summer I got hives from something I ate. I was covered. I took benadryl tablets, and used calamine lotion. The calamine lotion really helped with the itchiness. Unfortunately, all you can do is try to treat the itching, until the hives dissipate.

Thanks Katherine, x

Could be a reaction to your medication.

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,,,I think it was alergic,,, but to the cream I used ,,, all sorted now thanks ,

Hi , got a easy solution for you. I have this problem also. After seeing a doctor and geting fungal powder and cream. didnt do much. Best thing for this is soap and water, little peroxide wiped over area and add some Destin (baby diper rash) to keep area dry. Good for under any "Fat roll" a person has also. I swear peroxide helps most everything..... good luck

Thanks for the reply , the problem has been resolved now ,,, but I’ve kept your reply for future ,

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