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Stop smoking 12 days ago and nothing seems to have changed...when should I notice?

Never coughed before and still no cough, even though my chest has fluid in it...stopped 12 days ago of not smoking (had gotten the lozenges in case I needed them--found out after getting them they have aspartame--which allergic to) of which done allot of nibbling on dry cereal, twizzlers, hard candy & such.......just can't really tell any difference & actually feel like missing something and not sure what it is....has anyone else felt the same way & about how long before this feeling stops.......

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Hi there is a quit smoking site on here which is very helpful. It's called 'Quit' They will be able to give you lots of info and help you to stay stopped.


Still get a little urge now and then.Quit 8 years ago,Ate a lot of fruit wben i first started..Copd is still bad and gets worse,but if istill smoked might not be here.Also if i get a cold while smokeing it lasted long time ,now doesnt.Also notice smokers smell like a cigarett,didnt realize i smelled like that.


Hi Terri, I'm so glad you made the decision to quit smoking.It will help you in a huge way, even if you don't see immediate results. Trying to occupy your time & your health by walking daily would be advantageous to you health wise. Stick to it & in time you'll feel better. Praying for you, Terri from Massachusetts, USA.


Thats really good, I was about a month before I noticed some changes in myself.

Keep going don't go back!

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On dy 64 of no smoking and still can't tell any differences, only that I still feel like I'm forgetting something daily...


Sorry meaning to say on day 64 of no smoking...


I'm down to three a day or a bit more. It's hard, but this diagnosis makes me hate cigarettes more every day. I wish you luck. I see it's been a while since you posted. How are you doing now?


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