I am new here, as my 92 year old fathers's caregiver

My father has COPD and he get was having a lot of mucus building up in his throat. After asking his VA doctor and getting nowhere, I was listening to President Bushes doctor and it dawned on me that it was a copd issue. We had tried everything and nothing got rid of the mucus. To make a long story short, he wasn't taking breathing treatment because it caused him to shake. The doctor gave him Spiriva and the mucus disappeared. My question is, if the mucus returns, what is the best technique to clear his throat? We see the pulminary doctor in late February, but there must be something he can do. Thank you all in advance for reading!

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  • There is some thing on the internet that tell you how to cough thus stuff up , I think you look up COPD help.

  • Acapella Flutter Valve. You can buy this on Amazon I got mine through my home medical supply company You might Google it it helps me clear my lungs

  • Acapella Flutter Valve works wonderfully. They are also reasonably priced on Amazon.com

  • I am going to ask his doctor if he can get it through the VA!

  • one thing you need to do is to drink plenty of water as this helps to thin the mucus. You can also get Carbosistyne capsules which help thin the mucus.

  • I drink peppermint tea when I am congested, it is also a anti-inflammatory. Peace.

  • I take a breathing treatment and mucinex liquid for cough and cold and my husband as well it seems to break ours up but ask your doctor

  • I have been using an OTC capsule called NAC 600 2X day (found in health food stores) and drink plenty water. Really helps me.

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