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Vibration therapy

Anyone heard of Niagara Health? Therapy involving Cycloidal vibration with spiral oscillation for help with mucus clearance and muscle relaxation of chest to help with breathlessness. Is it possible or just someone trying to sell me something? I am tempted as about a year ago when I had a really bad exacerbation I was having daily visits from the respiratory nurses, one of them was very old-fashioned and suggested some physio massage. I thought try anything I was so desperate.. Wow what a difference it made. She treated me 3 times and I believe that it was her treatment that finally cleared my chest of muck that was keeping the infection going. Maybe older ways are better in some cases. Any views or advice?



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There are 3 Niagara Health offices that I can find, one in Buffalo, NY the other two in or near Ontario, Canada, but I have never been to any of them. I have heard of a vest you wear for a few hours every day to help clear the lungs, but from what I hear its not very comfortable to use. A nebulizer will help break up congestion and help you clear your lungs a bit. If you are looking for a drug free option, there is also an acapella device that you blow onto, the vibration it causes helps loosen mucus so you can get it out easier. My orthopedic surgeon gave me a device called an Aerobika, does the same thing.


Hi Katherine

I already have a neb and an achipella device which I find helpful for the mucus clearing. I was more interested in the muscle relaxation in the chest as I constantly feel like I have a steel belt around my chest which stops me from getting a proper deep breath in or out. It can also be quite painful.

Many thanks for checking for me, must just be trying to get going in the UK.

I might just have them round to see what it's all about.

Will keep you posted.

Cheers Patsy

Keep well 😊


If you don't mind my asking, do you wear a bra? If you do, try going without. Can't hurt, might help.


Funny you should ask. I have never really been a bra wearer but the tightness in my chest does feel exactly like I'm wearing an extremely tight metal bra 😒 if only it was that simple.

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I hope you are able to find something to help you feel better.


I got the vest three months ago it was helped me with the mucus. My lung doctor even saw a difference when I took the breathing test you know the one in the cage lol my insurance is paying for it.


Hi Ladycamper

I'm in the UK so have no idea about the vest (is this something from Niagara) also have no idea about breathing test in a cage......



What happened after 3 times? Did he quit?


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