Nucleic Acid Therapy

I have been getting more exacerbations lately, and had one last night after I went to bed. This rarely happens after I lie down. I lay there coughing and clearing throat endlessly and then I got an inspiration to go in the kitchen and make a drink of apple cider vinegar and brewer's yeast in water. Not a taste treat, but at that point I didn't care, I just wanted to feel better. After a while i was able to get back to sleep. I slept well and felt much better.

Brewer's yeast is one of the foods highest in nucleic acids. Here's some info about dietary nucleic acids:

Dr. Benjamin Frank was a pioneer in nucleic acid therapy. I have a copy of "Dr. Frank's No-Aging Diet" which came out in the 70's. It is a short and easy read, copies are still available on Amazon. Anyway, I re-read the chapter titled "Eat Better, You'll Breathe Easier." Here are a few excerpts:

"Once an obstructive disease of the lungs like emphysema or chronic bronchitis sets in, nucleic acid therapy does two significant things: It permits the body to make more complete use of the oxygen breathed in, and it loosens the cough, thus reducing uncomfortable congestion." Dr. Frank relates the case of a 62-y.o. man who was easily winded going up a few stairs, or even walking. Standard medical treatment didn't help. He started nucleic acid therapy (concentrated RNA supplements plus vitamins). Six weeks later he was dramatically improved. A 66 y,o. woman with chronic bronchitis showed similar improvement after RNA supplementation. Charles Darwin noted that Andean Indians traveling to high altitudes where the air is thin, would eat onions as a remedy for altitude sickness. Onions are rich in nucleic acids.

More info on nucleic acid-rich foods:

Nucleic Acid Therapy

The genetic theory of nucleic acid damage with age gives rise to the suggestion that a diet rich in nucleic acids can not only prevent but also repair such damage. This might make cells function as efficiently as cells in younger individuals. Dr. Benjamin Frank of New York has claimed recovery of his patients from degenerative diseases by keeping them on a diet which was rich in DNA and RNA content...Among meats, food sources of nucleic acids include sardines, salmon, non-vertebrate seafood (such as shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters), any kind of fish, and liver meats (e.g. chicken liver, beef liver)...Foods more appropriate to vegetarian diets, such as pinto and other beans, lentils, peas, asparagus, mushrooms, and spinach, are high in nucleic acids and should be included in the daily diet in accordance with individual eating habits."

So today, throughout the day, I took four more tablespoons of brewer's yeast in water with apple cider vinegar, along with vitamin C/MSM/NAC. I do feel a good difference. I intend to focus on foods high in nucleic acids, not just brewer's yeast, and I may take supplements of RNA.

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  • i was pleased to see this post! I will check this out! Thanks for the info. i believe God created our bodies to heal if we give them the building blocks they need.

  • Absolutely! The body is self-healing. We need to trust our bodies even when we have symptoms. There is always a way through.

  • Great information ! Thank you,,,what is NAC ? If you dont mind, I live fairly remote in Alaska, no natural food stores, I rely on ordering, possibly the small pharmacy may have NAC?

    thank you

  • I started a thread on NAC, check it out.

    btw, there is a "search" field, top right of the page: "Search COPD friends".

    I got NAC at Amazon from Bulk Supplements.

    Doubt you would find it at the drugstore, unfortunately.

  • Sounds interesting. I will try it I think.

  • The diet can be very satisfying, both tasty and nutritious. It helps if you like seafood! I made salmon with rice and stir-fried green onions and shitake mushrooms last night. High in nucleic acids. I sliced half an avocado over it.

    sprinkled with tamari soy sauce, and ate with horseradish and pickled ginger. Tasted like sushi. Yummmmy :)

  • When you say exacerbation, can you describe what or how yours manifest? I had what I only know as exacerbation and was eventually hospitalized. As I live remote off grid any symptom to watch for is greatly appreciated.

  • I've never been hospitalized. For me an exacerbation is just needing to cough and clear throat more. It can be exhausting. I am feeling better lately though. Hope you are also. I do think the nucleic acid diet and supplements can help a lot.

  • Definitely getting NAC, am taking reishi, cordycep, Chaga, Turkey tail mushroom blend - vitC,a super green supplement, brewer's yeast mixed into a drink w/ organic juice,blue berries, banana ,orange & apple,,,it's a,meal ! Cal/Mag/zinc/ D supplement.

    Pro Air, Flovent & Spiriva, believe the NAC is,sure worth a try,,,thank you !

  • Wow, you are on a power path for overcoming COPD, with all those supplements! What brand is that mushroom supplement, or do you blend them yourself?

  • We're building a new home off grid its beneficial for me to be proactive as we have minimal health care available here. I take the 6 mushroom full spectrum blend, also reishi & cordyceps full spectrum extract to boost my immune system

    I just everything in the bullet blender! Willowharvest has beautiful website, very nice ppl to work with, fast shipping and very reasonable prices, enjoy !

  • BTW Altmisal,,,,tried the Tibetan 5 rites,,,I'm 67, severe COPD,,,,,my attempt at the first tote of the 'Spin' ?

    Holy smoke! Only made 6 and lol ! Way dizzy, think I need to go slow on these, they are great,,,,maybe Tai Chi to limber up a bit more? I had a good laugh at myself 😅

  • Ha, that's par for the course with most when they first try the spinning, H2o1511. Yeah, take it EZ! I guess I must have been a whirling dervish in a past life. Not to brag, but I've always been able to spin as long as I want with no issues! Well, I guess I am bragging :D Anyway, here are some helpful tips on the spinning, from a teacher of the Rites:

    Thanks for the reference on the source for the mushroom blend, will check it out. I definitely agree about being proactive with our health. That goes for all of us, not just we who have COPD!

    Keep posted on how you are doing with the Rites. There is a Facebook group on them if you want to check it out. I just joined, myself :)

  • Thanks for the links ! ☮