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Muscles burning and breathless


I was diagnosed with COPD about 20 years ago because I was having trouble taking the trash to the road, walking to the mailbox, or pretty much any physical activity. Other than having trouble breathing my muscles would burn and just feel exhausted. I have been prescribed numerous prescription inhalers and nothing seems to help. I was also told I "might have" exercised induced asthma although nothing has helped me breathe. I went to an allergist and was told I was allergic to cats and mold but she didn't seem to have a remedy for me either. There are times that I can walk to the mailbox and not be so out of breath but they are few and far between; even the motion of washing myself in the shower, drying myself off, and putting lotion on renders me exhausted and breathless. The medical community doesn't have a clue what I'm experiencing because I'm not out of breath when I've been sitting in the exam room. As I'm reading this I'm thinking maybe I should do some jumping jacks when he comes into the room and he could see and hear first hand what I'm going through.

The reason I'm here is I'm looking for information on using hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, and/or Colloidal silver in a nebulizer. I've read of a remedy using H2O2 in an empty nasal sprayer orally inhaling the mist but it just ends up in the back of my mouth. I don't think I have enough "horsepower" so to speak to get it down into my lungs. My last sinus infection the Dr. put me on albuterol via a nebulizer. The albuterol didn't help but I could feel it go into my lungs which sent me on a search for a new treatment. Can anybody help me with this by letting me know how much to use and how often? I would appreciate any information on this. Thank you!!

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I’m sorry I don’t have any answers for you but would be very apprehensive about using either the peroxide or the silver.

If you do a search of the site there has been discussions on these topics before. I think it is safe to say most if not all of us are looking for or hoping for a cure, or at least something that is more effective than what is currently available for treatment, but experimenting with substances that could be harmful may leave you in worse health than you currently are.

I would think if either of these was a magic cure or even a better treatment than what is available it would be all over the news, and the internet and pharmaceutical companies would be doing trials to get it approved and marketing it.

Of course this is just my opinion.

I don't' know about the remedies you are asking about. I do know if you do purse lip breathing and expel all of the old air from your system there will be room to bring in the new air thus helping you with your shortness of breath. have you tried pulmonary rehab? They will educate you and work wonders. Best of luck to you

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