Native seeking information about COPD

Native seeking information about COPD

I'm 53 yrs old , I've had COPD since 2004 . I get bronchitis and phenomena chronicle. I've been on So many antibiotics and had violent and near death results from them. Cause I also have fybromyalgia, TBI, Intermittent neroligical nerve damage, seizures. I've had to find homeopathic as well as using my traditional Lakota medicine plants to help all my conditions. My biggest concerns have been with my COPD and my Seizures , as they are usually the two that cause me the most problems in treating them. I can't tolerate the side effects of most drugs, so have had to make changes to my diet n do alotta research of different plants I can use to help me. I still have to use Inhalers but I don't like the way it makes me nauseous and nervous.

I'm hoping I can find some help in my search for homiopathic medicines

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  • Hello MsBecca and welcome to the community :)

  • thanx Peteybob

  • grandma25 thank you for your suggestions, where can I find DoTERRA Essential oils?

  • If you are an oxygen user please be wary of using oils.

    "Oil and grease are particularly hazardous in the presence of oxygen as they can ignite spontaneously and burn with explosive violence." - from the British Oxygen Company

  • I'm not on Oxygen, am trying to maintain my lung function as much as possible. That's one of the main reasons for me seeking alternative methods of medication for my COPD. My body can no longer tolerate western medicine.

  • is my understanding that oxygen helps to save your lungs and heart. I have been on it for a decade and can not function without it.

  • How long haveyou had copy and what stage are you in. I only have 20% lung function and I'm on prednisone daily, and also longer courses left and right. Still not breathing well.

  • I was diagnosed 8 years ago, I'm not sure what you mean by what stage Im in. As where I was never told.

    I just know I have diminished lung capacity in my lower lobes and I get chronic bronchitis and it usually turns into pnemonia. I've noticed that I can't do alot of the activities I used to, like walking for Miles and going up stairs and hills take my breath away and make me dizzy.

    I've recently moved here in the past , I used to live in the Dakota territories. I moved here cause I wasn't getting good health care and my multiple conditions were getting worse.

    Thanx Kdawn 611 for Asking.

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