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up date moc1313

so 18 days ago i went to the urgent care office because i was still shortness of breath the doctor said it might be my allergy she ask did i have a dog yes i do she suggested that i put the dog in the garage for 2 day and see if it's any difference and prescribed me montelukast yes it help 3 days later jan.5,2018 i got in to my primary care doctor she pull x-ray and blood count test i took at the emergency she said it was all normal and it just might be a allergy so the doctor told me to keep taking the meds until feb.2,2018 the same day i had a side effect from the montelukast so that day cold turkey on the meds i do have allergy flare-up in the morning stuffy nose ear popping i cut on the air sometime it works I'm still having shortness of breath when i talk it feels like only at my house when i leave the house i feel better outside

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Maybe you should check for carbon monoxide in your home or any different detergent or any scent that's New. I have trouble at home but I have 2 dogs. But they never used to bother me until I got sick I guess. I stopped the montelukast myself after yrs of taking it. I swear it's what made me sick but I'll never know for sure. Do you take any supplements, they can help alot


thank you I'm feel better today with my breathing

I'm going to open the windows

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